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 Peles Company – Home and building inspectors, is considered one of Israel’s most experienced and leading companies in the areas of home and building inspection and detection of construction defects. 


Peles Company – Home and building inspectors deploys engineers nationwide who specialize in locating defects in homes and buildings and in writing expert reports about the defects found. The expert reports are written under the laws of the Office of Standards and Regulations of Israel and according to Dekel’s building construction pricelist in Israel. These expert reports are valid in court.

The company team consists of engineers, who in their professional past have been managing and supervising construction projects all over Israel and who have been certified in many fields.

Each of our companies’ engineers built up experience by doing hundreds of tests that were required to examine different defects in public areas, private apartments, common property in apartment buildings and public and industrial buildings.

What is included in the service of Peles Home and Building Inspections? 

  • Inspection of new apartments that are built by a contractor
  • Supervision of the construction on behalf of the owner
  • Inspection of newly built houses and apartments in the first year of the guarantee period: the ‘bedek’
  • Inspection of the condition of existing houses and apartments before a purchase is made
  • Inspection of the common property of an apartment building
  • Inspection of public buildings
  • Checking and detecting moist-related defects, using a thermal camera
  • Checking of other buildings defects, such as paving and internal and external covering.


1. The inspection report on the building defects includes:

  • A detailed statement of an experienced specialist. This document is recognized in court.
  • A specified description of the detected defects and their location in the property, quoting the official regulations.
  • Examination of the building plans and technical contract specifications and a description of the deficiencies.
  • Presentation of ways to correct defects and estimation of the costs of repairs
  • On-site photography – if necessary
  • An evaluation of the engineer and the total costs involved

2. Legal service for the customer – even after the home and building inspection.

Peles Home and Building Inspectors puts the quality of her customer service first. Therefore, we created particular high standards of work procedures. We have created a set of customer services that accompanies the client through the whole process. 
Company Peles directs the customers to several attorney offices throughout the country that offer unique conditions for customers of Peles – Home and Building Inspectors. With these attorneys we created a settlement that guarantees our customers a full package of services that ensures them peace of mind throughout the whole process.

This accompanying legal service by an attorney is given mostly for free.The attorney’s commission is only derived after winning the trial. 

Additional Services of Peles – Home and Building Inspectors (Not included in the package of home and building inspection)

  • Assessment of real estate
  • Measuring of combined ELF and RF radiation
  • Checking the presence of Radon Gas
  • Checking of noise and acoustics
  • Checking of water pressure
  • Reviewing and investigating neighbors and the neighborhood.

You are welcome to contact us using our call center (in Hebrew only) or by filling in our contact form (in English). We will get in touch with you as soon as possible

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